HVAC Financing Made Simple

No Sweat. No Stress.

Every East Texan should have a fully functioning HVAC system. At Simmons Air Conditioning, we make air conditioning and heating systems more accessible by offering affordable financing options. Our HVAC financing is designed to fit almost all income levels.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the relief of a reliable HVAC system without any financial roadblocks. So upgrade your comfort today and finance your HVAC.

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Unlock Your Benefits

Flexible Payment Options

JB Warranties lets you customize the monthly payments so they’re manageable, making your new HVAC easier to afford.

Easy Apply

Applying for HVAC financing with JB Warranties is so simple and hassle-free. There’s never a hard credit check.

Preserve Your Savings

When you finance your HVAC, you get to keep your savings for other important expenses or unexpected emergencies.

Affordable Financing for Heaters and Air Conditioners

Get HVAC financing from JB Warranties for a new HVAC system. Enjoy flexible payments, energy savings, warranty coverage, and keep your savings for other needs. It's a smart choice that brings you peace of mind and long-term financial benefits.

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